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What will you do to save water?

ResponsibleBathroom.com,( an American Standard Company) launched earlier this week a new website that is dedicated to helping people explore the world of water conservation and gives everyone a chance to “go blue” in a fun, interactive educational environment, where points are earned for pledging different water conservation behaviors.
The points can be used to enter sweepstakes for prizes ranging from free products to a luxury eco-friendly vacation. Pledges will tally up the overall water savings above and beyond the 18 billion gallons saved by American Standard Brands.

They also have an interactive map that lets you choose the state you live in and shows all the rebates available for going blue. Currently as of this post the city of Eden Prairie and Victoria are listed. Check the site for current rebates.
The site offers many water conserving tips, trick, educations information, products and more. Check it out for yourself at http://www.theresponsiblebathroom.com/


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