Tips on water Conditioners

Tips on water Conditioners

Checklist when you buy:

  1. Does the dealer have an established place of business in your area?
  2. Does he represent a known brand.
  3. Will a representative  call at your hoe to determine the right kind, capacity and installation of equipment?
  4. Is installation included in the price?
  5. Does installation include by passing of lawn and garden sprinkling faucets, a faucet for unsoftened water, and other features you may desire?

Does the unit have enough water conditioning capacity to provide for present and future demands?

  1. If you rent equipment, does your agreement include an option to buy provision?
  2. Does the manufacturer of the equipment have a qualified analytical laboratory and water treatment engineers to back up the dealers recommendations?
  3. Did the salesman answer all questions concerning design, function and cost of the equipment?
  4. Did the salesman explain the method and cold of the recharging the system?
  5. Does the dealer offer after sales service?
  6. Does the equipment have a specific written guarantee? Have your read and understood the guarantee?

Selecting the right equipment:

In buying a water conditioner, allow for family growth and for guests.  It is better to have equipment that is oversized, rather than undersized.  Correcting water problems rather than price should be the primary consideration for selection of the equipment.  Besides a higher priced unit may cost less to operate and give greater satisfaction.  Be sure to get detailed estimate of equipment, installation and operating costs.


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