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How to Choose a Plumber

How to Choose a Plumber

When you need a plumber, you want to be sure that you hire a good one. While you are looking for reasonable prices, you are also looking for someone who will do great work. In addition to the job being done properly, you also want it done on time and at the price that was quoted. These guidelines will help you hire the right plumber.

Personal References :Talk to people you trust and ask for their recommendations. This includes family, friends, neighbors and even your local hardware store. You can also use online services or trade groups.

Ask for Work References: When you interview the references the plumber gives you, be specific. Don’t just ask how the work was, but ask the following specific questions:

  •  Was the quality of the work and materials what you were promised and expected?
  •  Was the project completed on time and at the price you were quoted?
  •  Did the plumber keep you informed of the project’s progress?
  •  Were you and your family treated with respect at all times?
  •  Would you hire the plumber again?

Be sure to also get at least one reference that is more than four years old so you can ask how well the work has held up over the years.

Competitive Bids: Get at least three bids and compare them carefully. If you are looking at a bid that is substantially lower than the others, look more closely to see if you can determine why. Ask questions about what types of materials will be used.

Things to Clarify: When hiring a plumber, find out of the price quoted includes removing any old fixtures. Find out the minimum charge for a job and their standard hourly rate. Find out if they offer 24 hour emergency service in case you have a problem, and if that service carries a fee.


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