Do you have Iron in your Water?

Do you have Iron in your Water?

Do you have Iron in your Water?

Normally it’s fairly simple to determine if you have iron in your water. Look for the following signs around your home. If you see any of these, iron is present in your water.

• Reddish brown or orange stains in sinks, tubs and commodes.
• Laundered whites appear dingy.
• Colored clothes appear dark or dull.
• Tea or coffee appears darker than normal.
• Your water has a metallic taste.
• When you turn the tap on, water, the color of red clay, comes out.
• Water pressure is not as good as it once was.

What is iron in your water?

Iron is a natural occurring substance in the earth. When your well water comes into contact with iron deposits,they dissolve and are carried along with the water into your home. Iron stains many things that it comes into contact with in and around your home. This includes all appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, coffee makers, etc.) as well as plumbing fixtures, clothes and fabrics. The amount of iron in your water is measured in parts per million (ppm).

The EPA’s limit on the amount of iron that should be present in your water is .3 ppm.

The Excel Iron Pro is a Chemical Free Iron Filtration System for your entire house.

The Excel Pro Iron Filtration System has a specially designed media that adds oxygen to your water removing the iron. This process turns the iron into a solid state, allowing only the correct amount of iron to pass through before the system regenerates itself. The regeneration process also removes Manganese, Bacteria, and Sulfur, These elements are trapped in the filter bed and then flushed out of the tank and into your drain.

Iron is a natural element that comes for the earth and is always present.

Excel water treatment recommends service on your iron filter every three to six years.

If you have any question or would like to schedule a appointment for a free water analysis, call us at 952-955-0021


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