Cleaner, Smarter, Better . . . SoftWater

Cleaner, Smarter, Better . . . SoftWater

Hard water (calcium & magnesium) is a common problem for many homeowners and businesses. When hardness minerals are combined with heat it forms troublesome scale. Scale causes costly build-up in your plumbing, water heater and other water using appliances.When combined with soap, the minerals form soap curd or scum that makes skin dry and itchy, hair lifeless, laundry dull and builds up on fixtures.

You Deserve the Many Benefits of Soft Water

• Silky shiny hair

• Soft supple skin

• Crystal clear dishes & glassware

• Bright whites, vibrant colors

• Easier cleaning

• Use up to 75% less soap

• Lower water heating cost by 29%

• Protect plumbing & appliances

• Extend life of laundry

• Save money


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