Welcome to Epical

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Meet The Team

Steven Price

Project Manager

The guy who manages all the contact with our clients. Also the coffee dude.

Chuck Wilson

Financial Manager

The guy who takes care of all the bills and salaries. Most funny guy at the office.
Ann Doe

Ann Doe

Support Manager

The manager of our support service. Likes to play rugby and tennis after work.

John Duff


The intern at the office of Epical. Is a very talented designer and developer.

Company Facts

12Number of tweets we post via Twitter per day.
15Average number of meetings with new clients per day.
4Number of lunch meetings with clients per week.
412Our topscore in Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii.

The team of Epical has been amazing this project, from start to end. They are so creative and have so many unique ideas. I really love these guys. They did an amazing job branding my new company.

John Doe, RunnerShop