5 Reasons NOT to Install a Water Heater Yourself

5 Reasons NOT to Install a Water Heater Yourself

1. The exact model you need.

There are thousands of water heaters available today. Knowing what’s right for you means more than replacing a 40 gallon model with another 40 gallon model. Energy efficiency, fast recovery, venting options and changing demand must all be considered before the correct model is chosen.

2. Proper, experienced installation according to local codes and ordinances. Each municipality throughout the country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding water heater installation.

3. All the extras needed at installation.

There’s more to installation than just attaching a water line. You need fittings, pipes, parts, tools, venting materials and valves necessary to do the job right the first time. Don’t forget disposal of the old water heater.

4. Only what you need.

If our plumber diagnoses the problem with your water heater as a defective heating element or faulty valve, that’s what gets fixed. Professional experience is the difference between a minor repair and the unnecessary re-installation of a new water heater.

5. The finest water heater on the market today.

When hiring a professional plumber you will have access to quality name brand water heaters with exceptional warranty and guarantee. When purchasing your water heater from a big box store, these things are not included.


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